The intention of this book is to empower you with a unique, ethical and purposeful way of conducting business.

Whether you are in a large sales team or running your own small business, this enables you to develop meaningful relationships with customers and to create greater buy-in, satisfaction and loyalty.

You need to be passionate about the business you’re in or else you won’t stand a chance in today’s hyper-competitive and ever changing markets. In business there is so much damn competition, clutter and confusion that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get your customers to notice you. It’s even harder to have them listen, ‘believe’ and follow you.

Businesses and salespeople need help — today, more than ever — to stand out from the crowd. Being naked will help you to be seen and heard. It is a powerful way of being that enables you to bring more of yourself to your sales role, the companies you work for, and the lives of your customers.

The contents are based on real life experiences, insights and valuable lessons learned the hard way.